Sleep Disorders

Services Provided


Exam & Test

  • Full spectrum airway exam by the medical director to pinpoint the cause of snoring and OSA
  • Take-home sleep study machine
  • Insomnia testing


Medical Treatments

  • CPAP treatment: continuous positive airway pressure
  • BPAP treatment: bi-level positive airway pressure
  • APAP treatment: automatic positive airway pressure
  • Oral Appliances

Surgical Treatments

  • Nasal Passage Treatment
  • Radio Ablation Pharyngopalatoplasty (RAUP)
  • Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)

The da Vinci® Surgical System

The da Vinci Surgical System is a sophisticated robotic platform designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and offer a state-of-the-art minimally invasive option for major surgery.

The da Vinci Surgical System - New York & New Jersey Center For Sleep Disorders

With da Vinci, small incisions are used to insert miniaturized wristed instruments and a high-definition 3D camera. Seated comfortably at the da Vinci console, your surgeon views a magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the surgical site inside your body.

At the same time, the latest robotic and computer technologies scale, filter and seamlessly translate your surgeon’s hand movements into precise micro-movements of the da Vinci instruments.

Although it is often called a “robot”, the da Vinci System cannot move or operate on its own and your surgeon is 100% in control.

New York & New Jersey da Vinci Surgical System for Sleep Disorders

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